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This Is The Gruesome True Story Of Carl Tanzler And His Corpse Bride

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Sometimes, it's a good idea to listen to your intuition; other times, it's best to just call the doctor.

Whether it's through dreams or in our waking life, many people claim to have a connection to the spirit world. Often, messages from deceased relatives urge us to make a life change for the better or simply assure us that they are happy in the afterlife.

However you receive the message, it is often up to you to interpret it's meaning. For one man, his childhood experience with the supernatural (and the way he interpreted it as an adult) would literally haunt him for the rest of his life.

Some people say that true love transcends all obstacles. In any other case, that would be romantic, but in the case of deranged doctor Carl Tanzler - it's just really really creepy.

It began the late 1800s, when young Carl Tanzler was visited by the spirit of his deceased ancestor, Countessa Anna Constantia von Cosel. The vision supposedly revealed the face of his one true love.

No one could have predicted that German immigrant, Carl Tanzler, would take his late ancestor's message about true love to such gruesome extremes.

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