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This Is The Terrifying Reason Why Her Baby Was 'Born Twice'

When doctors discovered that the baby she was carrying had a tumor almost as big as her tiny body, they told her they would need to take a huge risk to save her life.

Margaret Boemer was 23 weeks and five days into her pregnancy when doctors removed her 1lb., 3 oz. baby from her womb. For 20 minutes during the five-hour life-saving surgery, baby Lynlee Boemer was removed from her mother's womb.

It was technically her first birthday.

Tiny Lynlee had sacrococcygeal teratoma - a tumor that develops at the base of the tailbone and occurs in one out of every 40,000 pregnancies.

After the surgery, the little girl was placed back into her mother's womb and Margaret Boemer remained on bed rest for 12 more weeks.

Finally, on June 6, Lynlee was born again weighing a healthy 5lbs, 5oz. After a second surgery to remove the remaining part of the tumor, Lynlee is finally home with her mother, father and two big sisters.

“We’re very strong and my husband Jeff is wonderful. He would bring our girls down to visit me every weekend,” Margaret tells People. “We’re all together now and very happy.”

[Source: People / Someecards.com]

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