This Is Why You Need To Put Down The Phone When Walking Your Dog

We get it, okay? People love their phones. It's becoming an incredible phenomenon that we cannot escape from.

There's one really important time to stop using your phone. Yes, driving is the most important. But so is walking your dog.


There's a lot of reasons you should just let you and your dog bond, and some of them seem pretty self-explanatory.


1. Safety

Like I said...obvious. Regardless of whether you're walking around the neighborhood or out in the woods somewhere, it's probably in your best interest to watch where you're going. Not just for your safety, but your dog as well. Cars, people, ruts, other animals, all can be a safety concern when you're not paying attention!

2. To not be annoying to literally everyone else.

Yep, that's right. While you text/talk/Candy Crush your way through the walk, other people are forced to be extra alert on your behalf. It's just common courtesy, folks!

3. To give your dog its deserved attention

Especially if you work all day, walks are a time that your dog gets some well needed attention. If you don't have 30 minutes to give your undivided attention to your dog on a walk and just enjoy their presence, why have a dog at all?

4. Your dog feels lonely.

Y'know when you're out to dinner and you're talking to someone and then they just pick up their phone and ignore you? That's essentially what you're doing to the dog. They can sense our emotions, which means they can definitely sense when you're not interested in spending time with them.

5. You'll feel better.

Live in the moment!! Take 30 minutes to let your eyes relax from the constant screen time. Use the time to feel more connected to your dog, yourself, and nature. It's worth it!


It's more or less common courtesy to stay off your phone when with your friends. And since dog is man's best friend, give them the same respect!

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