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This Is Why You Should Never Throw Away Your Strawberry Tops


Believe it or not, you've been eating strawberries wrong THIS WHOLE TIME!

Like most people who eat strawberries, I was taught to pluck off the leafy top and discard it. Not unlike banana skins and orange peels, many of us assumed that the leafy bits at the top of a strawberry were inedible.

However, besides taboo and their tough texture, there's actually nothing stopping us from eating the skins of most fruits. For the most part, they're all safe.

Strawberry tops fall into the same category, in fact, they're actually quite healthy and flavorful! If something about directly eating the leaves goes against everything you've ever known, start with baby steps.

These ideas will get you started down the path to waste-free eating!

It's not too complicated, once you think about it. We blend all kinds of good things into our smoothies, infuse teas and water with scraps - why not just toss in the stems too?

We know they're good for us, but if the thought of eating the leaves makes you cringe, there are other ways to incorporate them into your diet:

Strawberry-Mint Tea

This simple tea is refreshing and sweet. Boil some water and steep (fresh or dried) organic strawberry leaves, mint leaves and white for a few minutes. Strain and serve warm or over ice.

Sparkling Strawberry Water

Much like your tea, you can infuse sparkling water with the strawberry tops for a refreshing, softly infused drink. If you want to get really creative, toss in some cucumber skins!

Vinegar Salad Dressing

Pump up the volume on your summer salads with a strawberry-infused vinegar. Simply simmer crushed strawberries with a high-quality white-wine vinegar. It tastes amazing drizzled over a goat cheese salad.

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