This Little Dog Was Abused And Beaten. So He Kept Running To The Shelter For Help

When you see a scared dog, there is nothing you want more than to help them. Emerson's story is no different.

After years of abuse, the Papillion-Pomeranian decided he wanted a new life. Emerson would run to the local shelter over and over looking for help. The shelter knew he was in need, but they could not keep him in their care due to the law. Every time, the shelter had to call the owners. And every time, the owners would take Emerson back.

Finally after one of Emerson's pleas for help, his owners just left him at the shelter. Little did they know, it's the best thing they ever could have done for the poor dog.

With the help of the Annie Hart and Bill Foundation, Emerson found a new life and new freedom.

You need to see Emerson's stunning transformation. Just goes to show that sometimes you have to save yourself before anyone can help you further!

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