This Livestream Kitten Academy Will Turn Even The Coldest Heart Into A Cat Lover

On August 6, a new litter was born at Kitten Academy and you can watch them on their livestream Youtube channel. It's a 24/7 adorable overload.

This year's momcats up for adoption are Vikki and Hazel. The headmaster at Kitten Academy describes Vikki as beautiful and easygoing, though she doesn't like other animals too much. Hazel, on the other hand loves other animals and people. But, she tends to be a little hyper and usually finds ways to get into all kinds of trouble.

The cats are cared for by foster families who work with no-kill animal shelters in Illinois. Anyone interested in adopting can check out the Kitten Academy website. If donations are more your speed, visit their Patreon page for more details.

In the meantime, feast your weary eyes on these frisky and fuzzy little furballs.

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