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This Make-Up Artist Uses Real Bugs For Her Looks And It Is Disturbing

Marie Claire

One artist is making most people's biggest fear into a new make-up trend.

A make-up artist based out of California is creating designs on her models, using real bugs. The make-up artist, Jasmine, is using bugs such as butterflies, spiders, worms, and crickets to create one-of-a-kind make-up looks.

For her models's sake, Jasmine only uses dead bugs. She also probably does this because some of the insects she works with are dangerous species.

She calls this new artwork The Insect Eyes Art Series, which was launched in November. She uses her Instagram - ButterlyJasmine49 - to release new looks.

She continuously expresses to her follows that she has the "Utmost respect" for the creatures she uses. She also said, in a statement: "I understand if this is gross to you or you have a hard time understanding this type of art, but this is a bi-product of MY creativity. Commentators that choose to bully will not be tolerated."

Jasmine does not kill any of the bugs she uses. She says she funds most of them locally, and the rest she orders online.

That statement alone makes us stop and imagine the type of person you would have to be to make a living selling dead bugs online. Definitely not a person I would ever like to meet.

Jasmine's Instagram page has around 600 posts, all with different looks... and different bugs.

For her models, they must be paid a lot of money, or it was there last chance to get a modelling gig so they jumped at the chance. Either way, you could not pay me any amount of money to have meal worms attached my eyelashes.

Would you let this "out-there" artist use you as a model? Tag a friend that would look great with one of these looks!