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This Man Forgave His Son's Killer In The Court Room, And It Brought Everyone To Tears

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There is so much hate, anger, and vengeance currently in the world. Whenever we are wronged as individuals, or as a society, we want revenge. It's human nature, but it really doesn't get us anywhere. Holding onto that hate and anger isn't healthy, and one man decided to show forgiveness to the man who played a part in the murder of his son.


In April 2015, Salahuddin Jitmoud was delivering pizzas for his job at Pizza Hut. On one of his last deliveries of the night he was stabbed to death and robbed in a Lexington, Kentucky apartment complex. Three people were arrested for the crime, but only one was brought to trial, Trey Alexander Relford.

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Relford was accused of planning the robbery, even though he has denied having killed Jitmoud himself. He plead guilty to complicity to murder, complicity to robbery, and attempted evidence tampering. He was sentenced to 31 years in prison.

Some would say that justice was served, but it wasn't the crime or the sentence that had people standing up to pay attention, it was the final statement made by the victim's father.

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