This Member Of The Royal Family Had A Secret Facebook Account

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For the most part, the British Royal Family's participation in social media was nearly nonexistant.

Historically, their brand and identities have been carefully shaped and presented to the public. Everything from what they wore, to when they waved was accompanied by protocal that has been strictly followed.

For decades, the public image has been maintained through more-or-less controlled interaction with media and the family's public relations advisors.

But, in the age of social media, it can be hard to resist the lure of Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter.

In 2009, the Royal Family joined Twitter - or rather, Buckingham Palace did. The official account was set up to alert royal watchers to news about the family. Unfortunately, Her Majesty is not the one doing the tweeting.

A year later, the Queen gave the offical approval for her new Facebook page. However, fans can't poke her Majesty, nor can they add her as a friend. Again, the page is carefully managed by communications staff at Buckingham Palace.

In 2015, Kensington Palace jumped on the Instagram bandwagon with the Prince Harry being the first Royal to appear in photos on the account.

But this wasn't the first time Harry appeared on a social media account, except this one wasn't Royal-related...

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