This Might Be The Trickiest Optical Illusion Ever Made

We've shared lots of baffling hidden pictures, illusions and puzzles, but this has to be the most impressive one that we've ever come across.

It was created by a Japanese psychologist named Akiyoshi Kitaoka who studies illusions. It looks like a prefectly normal strawberry cake, and it is. But the color of that cake is what makes this special.

There is no red in this picture, no matter how red it may look! It's actually blue and grey, but Kitaoka has tricked our brain into thinking it's red.

In case you're not totally convinced, here's a close up of the same picture so you can see what it looks like up close.

And here's a picture of the image side by side with closeups from the "red" sections, on the right side.

So how can we explain this? It's actually pretty simple. Imagine looking at a strawberry in your home, underneath the yellow-colored light from your ceiling lamps. Now, if you walked outside under the light of the blue sky and looked at the same strawberry, it would be the same color, right?

The answer is yes, but this seems strange. Shouldn't the color of the light affect what we see? It does, but only so much. Our brains have learned to recognize that the light changes throughout the day, and the counteract these changes so what we see stays consistent.

This effect is called "color constancy", and that's what's happening here. There's so much light blue color in this image that your brain decides to make everything a little more red. Since we all know strawberries are red, it's even easier to fool ourselves.

Kitaoka has had so much fun, he's released a second image that only uses the color orange, but makes you see blue. We thought we understood these puzzles, but it's still hard to figure out how this one works!

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