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This Mom Challenges Parents To Say No To Their Kids

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These days it seems like parents can't go anywhere without hearing advice about what they're doing right or wrong, and most of it isn't helpful.

Harris and her family.Emma Lou Harris Blog / Facebook

But Emma Lou Harris, a blogger and mother-of-two from Limerick, Ireland, has gone viral for sharing an important lesson that every parent could use. In a Facebook post, Harris reveals that she was a "yes girl" growing up, someone who was afraid to turn anyone down because she would feel guilty. As an anxious child, it felt easier to say yes to everyone and everything, even if the consequences were painful.

Emma and her daughter Frankie.Emma Lou Harris Blog / Facebook

Now, she says she's "learning to love no," and wants other parents to do the same. Harris says she trained herself to say yes "to everyone but myself," and found herself in dangerous and uncomfortable situations because she was worried about letting other people down.

Harris and her children.Emma Lou Harris Blog / Facebook

Today she knows better and says the kindest thing parents can do is to teach their children - and themselves - to embrace saying no. Not only is saying 'yes' something parents do too often, Harris says it's also a risky habit to grow up with in the world we live in today.

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