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This Mom Takes One Look At What's Written On The Dog's Shirt And Screams, You'll Laugh Out Loud When You Find Out Why

Their family had just finished dinner when one of the dogs walked up to mom and put his paws on her lap. Her daughter asks if she likes the little dog's shirt and asks her to read what it says.

Her confused parents read the little dog's shirt and his brother's shirt out loud, but they don't seem to get the reference. So the daughter she asks her mom to read what it says on HER shirt.

That's when she clues in on what's happening and literally jumps out of her chair!

The proud aunt films her parents' reactions as they leap from their chairs to hug the parents to be. Her brother and her sister-in-law wipe away tears as the new grandparents celebrate the good news!

So sweet! But grandma - watch that potty mouth when the baby's born!