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This Mom Was Utterly Shocked When She Discovered This About Her Newborn Baby

When this laboring mother called her photographer, she knew that this birth was going to be different from the others, but no one had any idea how big of a difference it would be!

Natalie decided to deliver her third child at home, surrounded by loved ones, her midwives and a photographer to witness the special day.  

After hours of labor, Natalie finally got to meet her baby for the first time. But what she saw was completely unexpected!

The couple didn't know the gender of their baby, so they were overjoyed to learn that the newest addition was a boy!

But an even bigger surprise came when she the midwives weighed him...

Natalie was so focused on bringing this healthy boy into the world, that she didn't really think too much about how big he was. Sure, they knew he was going to be on the heavier side, but this shocked her:

He was born at 11 pounds, 2 ounces! What a big boy!

Congratulations to this proud mama - you're a superstar!

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[h/t Laura Field Photography / Mashable]