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This Mom's Quick Thinking Saved The Life Of 3-Year-Old Kidnap Victim

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Just weeks before Valentine's Day, store owner of Mini's Cupcakes,  Leslie Fiet, saw something that would change her life forever.

Fiet was working on the final prep for Valentine's Day treats when she noticed an Amber Alert flash across the screen on her cellphone.


The 44-year-old mother of two noticed something familiar in the details of the Amber Alert that sent chills through her body. Little 3-year-old Bella Martinez had been sleeping inside her father's black SUV when a stranger jumped in and drove off with the baby inside.

Leslie Fiet

Fiet knew that she had seen the SUV just moments before, parked outside her shop.

“After I got the message I looked out my door and saw the SUV but there was no license plate on the front,” Fiet, who opened Mini's in 2007, told ABC News. "I went to the other side and saw the license plate and thought, ‘Oh my hell.’”

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