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This New Hair Dye Is Very Telling About You

This could end up either being a blessing or a curse.

There's a new trend in hair styles using hair dye that changes color with the temperature, very similar to a mood ring!

Lauren Bowker's company, FIRE, created the dye called THEUNSEEN, and previewed the dye on some models.

FIRE is pretty cool, using chemical reactions to transform your hair from red to blue.

Many people have jokingly told Bowker that she must be practicing dark magic to be able to create something as cool as this. But Lauren takes that as a compliment.

"Old school female chemists and doctors had a really bad time with the church and were depicted as witches," she says. "Now the occult has bad connotations of being a dark art and being taboo. When really it's just a spiritual way of living . . . To me, chemistry and science is witchcraft "” and so it should be."

The dye isn't available to the public yet, as it still has to go through toxicology testing before it can by used in salons. But the tests so far have been pretty friggin' cool!

Would you try this mood-ring hair dye? Let us know!

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