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This New Workout Trend Has Literally Gone To The Dogs

If you ever go to a park on your lunch break, it's pretty common to see active people jogging by with their pups keeping pace. While, others might play Frisbee, or toss a ball to keep in shape.

There's a new fitness craze hitting our social networks and you might just start seeing it in your neighborhood before long!

Although many of us scoop up our fur babies for a cuddle, these fitness enthusiasts are taking it to a whole other level with #SquatYourDog. A sensation spreading across Instagram that has hundreds of puppy people picking up their poochies and squatting low.

Puppy bootcamp #squatyourdog

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My new fur coat 😌 #squatyourdog

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I should have picked Bender, he's lighter. #squatyourdog

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#dogxercise #squatyourdog #noteasyatall #kwispel #imdoingitwrong

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