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This Nifty Trick Will Save All Your Sweaters

Is your favorite sweater getting a little fuzzy? Don't throw it out! This simple de-pilling trick will save you from having to toss all your old sweaters or buying expensive de-pillers.

When choosing which razor to use, make sure to pick one that doesn't have a large moisture strip or soap bars on either side (this may cause more pilling when rubbed against your sweater). Also, when you're running the razor across the sweater make sure to hold the material tight so you don't accidentally cut any holes in the fabric.

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What You'll Need:

  • New, sharp shaving razor (preferably without a large moisture strip or soap bars)
  • Your Favorite Sweater (in need of de-pilling)


Spread your sweater across a flat surface. A sturdy table is best.

Pull the material tight with one hand and carefully shave the pilling away. Make sure to use small, gentle strokes so you don't ruin the fabric.

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Brush away the bits of fuzz and your sweater is as good as new!

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