This Old Photo Has Been Haunting Her for Her Entire Life

Have you ever looked through old photographs and saw something you never realized was there? That's what happened to Anastassia Perets when she was flipping through an old family album.

She stumbled across a photo of herself when she was 4 years old, with an odd figure in the background.

At first she didn't know what to make of it because she didn't recall anyone else being in her family home with her.

Anastassia told Redbook, "I thought it was a mirror or something but further observation showed me that was not so. I got so freaked out I started screaming and crying and the neighbors thought someone must have broken in or something."

When Anastassia later asked her parents about the photo, which was taken in their home, they said they have never seen the child before.

Later, when Anastassia was visiting a psychic, without being prompted, she was told that the spirit of a young girl was following her.


But some people don't necessarily believe it's true.

Naturally this story chilled the blood of believers everywhere, and people around the world have chimed in with their thoughts.

A website devoted to ghostly photo bombs, Haleyisaghost, thinks that, while Anasstassia's account is probably more than a little hazy, she is probably being followed by a spirit.

It's rare that a picture shows a ghost so clearly. Usually we're left to speculate over a smudge, bright light or some other faded apparition.


But the more clear photograph isn't enough for skeptics. In fact many people actually say it makes it harder to believe. Ghostsnghouls is another website devoted to sharing stories of the paranormal with the world, but they're only interested in the real deal.

They're more than a little suspicious of the old photograph. They point out that the girl in the background has a very flat appearance, like if she was a poster or cutout.

Take a look now and you'll see what they mean.

They also mention that she looks quite a bit like Carol-Anne from The Poltergeist movies.

Toronto Sun

I can definitely see the similarity but I don't think it's a straight cutout of a movie poster. I could see her being from the cover of an old horror book though.

I certainly have my doubts about if this story is real or not, but one thing is for sure, it still gives me the creeps!

Do you believe that's really a ghost in the photograph?