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This Real-Life Rapunzel Has The Longest Hair You've Ever Seen

Do you remember reading the fairytale Rapunzel when you were growing up? I always laughed at how long her hair was - no way could anyone ever grow out their hair that long. Or so we all thought.

27-year-old Aliia Nasroya from Riga, Latvia, has a head of hair that's over 90 inches long! She claims she was inspired by the Disney princess to grow her hair out for 20 years without getting it cut. Today, her hair is long enough for her to step on!

So, I bet you're wondering how long it takes to maintain such long locks. Nasroya reveals that doing her hair has become a hobby, because it takes an entire day to wash, brush, style, and dry it. She says it takes a whole hour of brushing alone!

If you can't imagine having hair that long, try to imagine how heavy it would be. Nasroya told The Slavorum that her hair weighs two kilograms (over 4 pounds). ”My hair is heavier than our cats," she jokes.

Do you think she owns a lot of hair products? Naaroya claims she packs 22 pounds of shampoo, conditioner, and brushes when she's not at home. Fortunately, she doesn't have to pay for all her products, because she gets them for free in exchange for doing modeling gigs.

Her husband Ivan Balaban loves her hair, but he admits it sometimes gets in the way. “I am always cuddling up the wall to give more space for hair, so there is no way I can damage it accidentally, mix them up or harm it any other way,” he said in an interview by Barcroft TV.

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Would you ever grow out your hair that long? Let us know!

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