"Impossible Burgers" Are Vegan Patties That Look Just Like The Real Thing - You Can Try One Soon

If you've tried to improve your diet by swapping a regular burger for a veggie patty, you know that even the best healthy imitation doesn't come close to the real deal.

Restaurants and food producers do their best to disguise the fact that you're mostly eating beans or potatoes, but there's no fooling your taste buds.

Still, one American company hasn't given up on the dream of building a healthy burger that tastes just like beef. Impossible Foods thinks they've finally cracked the code thanks to their secret ingredient.

Right now, you can only sample the Impossible Burger at 8 very fancy restaurants in major cities, but the company has just announced that they're building a new factory to expand they production.

Soon, you'll be able to try their creation - made from wheat protein, potatoes and coconut oil - at over 1,000 restaurants around the country.

The impossible burger is designed to look and taste exactly like a real burger. When it's cooked it turns brown on the outside and pink on the inside, and it will even "bleed" if you cut it.

That's because it's full of heme, a special "plant blood" made from soy. Heme is even rich in iron just like the real thing.


The idea of eating a Frankenburger made from potatoes may sound weird, but some big names are betting that Americans will fall in love with the Impossible Burger.

Billionaire tech genius Bill Gates and huge companies like Google have made the company worth almost $200 million, so obviously they believe this will become a big trend in the food world.

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