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This Simple Trick Will Change the Way You Make Ice Cream Sandwiches

Get ready for some serious ice cream cravings! This hack is going to make eating ice cream sandwiches so much easier.

You can use any flavors of ice cream you like and either homemade or store bought cookies will work perfectly. They're so good you'll want to eat them every day!


  • 1 carton of ice cream (your favorite flavor!)
  • 8 large cookies
  • Large knife
  • Sprinkles


Cut your carton of ice cream into slices.

Remove the cardboard from the ice cream slices and place onto a cookie. Put another cookie on top to form a sandwich. If you like, add sprinkles to the edges of the ice cream.

Keep going until you're finished all the ice cream and the cookies. Now your ice cream sandwiches are ready to be eaten!

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