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This Star's Performance At Whitney Houston's Funeral Is Tear-Jerking

When Whitney Houston died in 2012, the music industry mourned. Not just for the loss of talent but for the loss of Whitney Houston's charismatic personality.

For Alicia Keys, it was like losing a sister. The two had grown close over the years, so when Keys was asked to sing at Houston's funeral, there was no other choice but to say yes.

"You feel sad because that's how it feels when you lose someone you love," Keys said from the stage. "Then you think back to how much this person has touched your life."

Rolling Stone

Alicia spoke about her wonderful friend before beautifully singing her song "Send Me An Angel" (Prelude To A Kiss)."

You need to watch this tear-jerking performance. You can feel the pain in her voice, and yet somehow she still sounds flawless.

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