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Terminally Ill Dog's Epic Bucket List Will Make Your Eyes Tear Up Within Seconds

When her veterinarian gave Irie the Husky a month to live, her owners did what any sensible person would do: they spoiled her rotten.

But after treating Irie to unlimited steak, fast food and ice cream for a month, Irie was still hanging around. Her nasal cancer made her nose triple in size, but otherwise Irie was healthy and happy as ever. But sadly, her owner Lindsey Hutslar, 24, knew it was just a matter of time before the lovable dog passed away.

"The only treatment available is radiation," she told Metro, "but that would make her miserable and wouldn’t guarantee her more time." Instead, Lindsay and her boyfriend Ethan, 24, drew up a "bucket list" of Irie's favorite things, along with some new adventures they had planned.

Five months later, the list is almost finished. It included lots of fun activities, including meeting a horse,

going kayaking,

and visiting a pumpkin patch.

Her favorite entry on the list was throwing a birthday party, because Lindsay says she had "so much fun with her friends."

Sadly, Irie is running out of time, but her owners have one last surprise planned before they say goodbye...

Along with all of her special activities, Irie has been treated to pedicures, trips to dog-friendly bars and festivals, and lots of playtime at her favorite creek.

Irie loves to howl at firetrucks, so she got to visit her local firehouse.Caters News

Now, the last item to cross off the list is a camping trip. Irie's condition is getting worse very quickly, but Lindsay and Ethan plan to go camping in their living room if that's the only way they can finish their dog's bucket list.

Irie and Lindsay came second in a costume contest as Red Riding Hood and her Grandmother.Caters News

Afterwards, Irie will be put down. "We couldn’t watch her suffer anymore," Lindsay explained, "if we let her continue she would’ve only got worse." The couple have actually arranged for a vet to perform the procedure in Irie's favorite park on September 30th.

That way, they can have a happy sendoff with all of Irie's friends, involving lots of hugs and dog treats. It's a unhappy end to this story, but Irie and her owners were lucky to create so many happy memories before they say goodbye.

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