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This Woman Just Made The Most Relatable Makeup Tutorial You Will Ever See

We've all seen those tutorials right? Those perfect-looking people who can apply winged liner without even looking or know exactly how bronzer is supposed to look. None of us can do it quite like them.

Well, Tanya Hennessy has made the very best video to explain what its really like when women do their everyday makeup and it's the funniest thing you will see all day.

She expresses all the same frustrations we have all experienced. Like, when you feel threatened by the attractive makeup counter people so you buy whatever they tell you. Or when you realize you have never cleaned your makeup brushes before.

It's actually laugh-out-loud funny to see someone saying the things we all think every time we apply that product we bought but have no idea how to use.

She is so very entertaining, you've got to see it!

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