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This Woman's Story Will Have You Covering Yourself In Sunscreen For Life

You know by now that tanning is bad for you - no matter how you do it: in a bed, or on the beach.

Sure, we're afraid of getting wrinkles, freckles and maybe even brown spots, but we never really think about skin cancer and the very real consequences it can have on our health.

Mags Murphy lived on the Greek island of Crete for 10 years. She barely used sun protection and loved to back in the hot, Mediterranean sun. When she moved back to Ireland, she regularly went to tanning salons to keep up her "glow."

Recently, Mags' doctor informed her that she had precancerous cells on her face.

"I had a tiny dry patch on my forehead for years, and then developed two more," she told Glamour.

Her doctor suggested a topical chemotherapy cream called Efudix, that must be applied for a full course of 30 days. Since starting the regiment, she has shared photos of the process with her followers on Facebook.

Each image is a stern warning about the use of tanning beds and lack of sunscreen.

Each day, the images get progressively worse and worse. The cream highlights areas on the face where there has been sun damage and treats existing lesions that aren't visible.

But the side effects are pretty painful: lesions, burning, stinging, peeling, scabbing, crusting and oozing - oh, and don't forget the redness.

The cream is so effective that it even treats precancerous cells as a preventative measure. It's most commonly used to treat patients who have a history of skin cancer.

To follow Mag's journey, visit her Facebook page here. To learn more about skin cancer and prevention click here.