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This Young Man's Gift To a Homeless Person Will Remind You There's Good In The World

A simple act of kindness can go along way, especially for someone in need.

Whether it's bringing them some much needed food, a cup of coffee or donating some spare change, everything helps when you're on the street.

"Sometimes it’s a few dollars, sometimes it’s just some change. Sometimes I walk right by without stopping. Sometimes I tell them I only have a few dollars myself, and I can’t spare it at the moment," writes Paul Cantor for Business Insider.

These genuine acts of kindness can make a big difference in the life of someone who is going through a rough patch in their life.

A 14-year-old from Louisville, Kentucky didn't have any spare change in his pocket when he passed a homeless man in need.

"We saw a homeless man who had holes in his shoes, and, without hesitation, Ron Ron took the shoes off his feet and gave it away," Jason Reynolds founder of PurpMe said. "They sat and talked to each other. The homeless man explained that he had gone through a lot of loss and hurt in his life, and Ron Ron was very moved by his story."

Laron Tunstill Jr. also known as Ron Ron is no stranger to struggle. Growing up in a rough neighborhood, the streets affected his behavior causing him to fight and be disrespectful.

3 years ago, Reynolds reached out to Ron Ron and helped him as a mentor, and now he's mentoring other kids.

These acts of kindness are not just reserved for the younger generation. See what this man did for a homeless man who was barefoot on the street on the next page.  

When a young man walked past a barefoot homeless man on the side of the road, he knew he had to do something to help him.

Wearing a black jacket and a pair of jeans, he stopped in front of the homeless man and decided to do something extraordinary.

The moment he received the new shoes, he was overcome with emotion over the man's kindness.

That's when a passerby saw the exchange and captured these heartwarming photos.

Hopefully many of us don't know the struggle of being hungry, poor and homeless, but this random act of kindness goes to show what a difference you can make in someone's life.

Sources: ABC News / Business Insider / Imgur / Inspired

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