Baby's Birth Falls On A Special Day Proving "God Always Has A Plan"

Connor Eppard's birthday is July 1. Last year, Connor and his wife, Jordyn, found out that their son would be born sometime around July 17, 2017. On June 30, the couple went in for Jordyn's final ultrasound and wellness checkup. They had just moved into their new house the day before and they were looking forward to finishing preparing for the birth of their new bundle of joy.

“We just bought a house and moved in on the 29th, two days before, and I assume that probably had some stress levels that might have induced that a little bit,” Connor Eppard told ABC News.

What they didn't expect when they went in for the ultrasound, is being sent to the hospital because Jordyn was in early labor. Notice the change of date; she was now in labor on June 30th, the day before her husband's birthday. And it happened, on July 1, 2017, their little boy entered the world.

Connor called his grandfather to tell him the good news, that's when everything got crazy strange.

It turns out that Connor's grandfather, James Morrisette, the newly minted great-grandfather, was also born on July 1, but in 1931.

ABC News

For those of you counting at home, that means that three male members of the same family, from three separate generations, were all born on the same day. The odds of that happening are less than half of one per cent. It might be time that someone from that family goes out and buys a lottery ticket.

“It’s incredible. We’re an extremely tight-knit family and my grandpa and I always celebrate together,” Eppard told ABC News. “It’s a real tight relationship. It’s just incredible to add him to that, and for it to be three boys across the generations is pretty amazing. I’m blown away by it. God always has a plan for that.”

ABC News

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