Tiger Cub Annoys His Mom In First Appearance

You've heard of the term Tiger Mom. In human circles it means a tough and strict mother. In animal circles it means something completely different. Looking at these mom and cub pairs, it might just mean "long-suffering mother with endless patience."

There's something special about the relationship between a mother and a child, so much love and affection. It's almost easy to forget about all the annoying things that kids do, but a tiger mom can never forget.

Just look at this tiger Zaya and her cub from the Novosibirsk zoo in Russia.

Cub Pounce
Daily Mail

This rambunctious kid is 1 of 2 cubs the mom birthed, and judging from the mom's face I think we know which one the favorite is. Photographer Alexander Lukin managed to capture the two at play in one of the cub's first appearances.

At least one of them was at play anyway.

The pair are white Bengal tigers, making them among the most endangered of all tigers. The population of tigers around the world has actually risen for the first time in over a century.

Mom and Cub
Daily Mail

Mother's everywhere will recognize the face of this momma tiger. Yes I love you, but please...please leave me alone.

"'The tiger cub was a real nuisance. I had a feeling that the behavior of this couple was too much like humans. The cub did whatever he wanted - jumping on his mum's head." said Lukin. "It seemed like the tigress was not happy at all, but she put up with her son's bad behavior."

As adorable as his curious behavior is, I don't think I'd want to push my mom too far if I was him. She's nearly a ton with razor sharp claws after all.

Cub Hug
Daily Mail

Doesn't look like he has to worry too much though! We look forward to seeing a lot more of this pair in the future.

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