'Till Death (Or Jail) Do Us Part: Couple Arrested On Wedding Night

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Wedding nights are a celebration of two lives joining together in Holy matrimony. For this couple, it was also a night of two hands joining together in handcuffs.

Witnesses called police after a 'melee' broke out in a bar in Edmonton, Canada. No one really knows how the brawl started, but according to witnesses, it was insane.

“The doors just explode open and bodies just start piling out,” witness Matt Machado told CTV news.

“The bride is just swinging, and the melee ends up on the sidewalk,” said another witness.

“As we’re watching you just see this girl in a wedding dress right in the middle of it,” a third witness said.

“It was just absolutely ridiculous and absolutely absurd,” Machado said.

When police showed up, things got a little awkward.

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