Tiny Dog Refuses To Sleep Without His Cute Bedtime Routine

We all have a bedtime routine of sorts. Some of us can't go to sleep without brushing our teeth and some can only slumber under comfy blankets while snuggling up with a soft plushie.

Arvo the Dachshund belongs to the latter group. The adorable pup refuses to go to sleep until his teddy bear is in the crate with him.

The determined dog's sleeping arrangements don't really leave much room for a bear twice his size but that didn't stop him from trying his hardest to make it fit. After all, they say where there is a will, there's a way.

In true Dachshund style, Arvo persisted till the end and one of his humans made sure it was all caught on camera. Watch the cute and hilarious struggle unfold and find out if he succeeds.