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Tiny Homes Have A Huge Problem That No One Mentions

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Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Ever since I started watching Tiny House Nation, I've dreamed of owning a tiny home.

They're cute, cozy, and best of all they're affordable.

Whether they're on wheels or built like a regular home, these tiny cabins are usually 500 square feet or less - but of course they come in all shapes and sizes these days.

Mainly, I think a tiny home would fit my personality perfectly. I've never liked clutter or cleaning, so these homes are just the right size for me.

If you obsess over pictures of tiny homes on social media (like I do) you may be sad to learn that some home owners have a bone to pick with this trend.

Who's afraid of tiny homes?

Kelvin Young tiny home
Kelvin Young's tiny home building plans faced backlash in Charlotte, North Caroline.Diedra Laird - The News & Observer

The fight over plans to build a tiny home community in Charlotte, North Carolina sums up the controversy perfectly.

Real estate company KEYO Tiny Homes planned to build a group of homes as small as 500 square feet.

But locals fought back hard against the plan at city council.

Kelving Young tiny home,
Young shows off his tiny homes.Diedra Laird - The News & Observer

Why? Well, the smallest KEYO homes cost just $90,000, compared to $190,000 for an average full-sized home in the same neighborhood.

Yes, home owners complain that tiny homes are shrinking their property value.

Tiny homes, big value

Some experts compare the backlash against tiny homes to neighbors getting upset by cheap apartments or homeless shelters in their neighborhood.

Tiny Home San Jose
These tiny homes for the homeless faced backlash in San Jose.Mercury News

In fact, home owners in San Jose whittled plans for a 99-tiny home community for a homeless to just four homes with new property restrictions.

But tiny home critics say they're really trying to protect their neighborhood's "character" and tax base.

Here's one wrinkle in their argument: says that the value of tiny homes is actually growing faster than regular homes.

Their report says 1,200-square foot homes are growing value at 7.5% while a home twice that size is only growing at 3.8%.

If you're still dead set on owning a "granny pod," you should know there are other benefits to tiny home ownership.

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