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Pastor Builds Community Of Tiny Homes For Vets In Need

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Donnie Davis knows firsthand how much a warm welcome can mean to veterans of our Armed Forces.

Donnie Davis.Stanley Sadowski

During his time in the Air Force, Davis served as an honor guard at military funerals, helping to remember and acknowledge soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice. But after returning home to work as a police officer and a pastor, Davis found that those who needed help the most were being ignored.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development says more than 39,000 veterans are homeless on a given night.Mitchell Funk

Davis was surprised to learn that, according to the Veteran's Administration's 2012 Suicide Data Report, 22 veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder take their lives every day. As a veteran and a police officer who has grappled with PTSD himself, Davis felt a personal connection to these men and wanted to help lower that number.

Exactly how he could help wasn't clear at first. Then, someone suggested Davis should build a campground for his church. He realized that he could buy a small plot of land in Franklinville, New Jersey and build something much more meaningful: a community that supports and empowers veterans.

And the home that the pastor has built for his fellow veterans is totally unique...

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