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Tiny Kitten Was Barely The Size Of A Thumb, But When You See Her Now You'll Definitely Fall In Love


A teeny tiny micro kitty was brought to the veterinary clinic as a newborn.

She was so small, she only weighed 1.3 ounces and needed very special care to keep her alive. Thankfully, Ellen Carozza was a vet who had cared for micro babies before. She knew exactly what needed to be done for the little one.

“I was asked to take her on since all of my neonate work is with the highly complicated cases, I also have an incubator as well,” said Carozza (@thecatlvt).

Little Winifred the black kitten was so grateful for the care of her surrogate mom and the tasty milk that she'd stick out her tiny pink tongue in an absolutely adorable blep.

Eventually, at two weeks old, Winifred graduated from tube feeding (because she was so teeny) to a bottle made for kittens.

She had gained weight quickly and finally got to the size of a newborn kitten.

Sweet Winifred has learned that the quickest way to get anything she wants is to pop out her adorable little tongue and look lovingly at her foster mom.

“She is a pro at sticking her tongue out! She did this since being a small baby and we laugh each time she still does it!” Carozza told Your Cats In Life

This sweet miracle kitten hit all of her growing milestones and her foster mom couldn't be more amazed by the little one's strong will to live.

Winifred loves to spend as much time as she can with her foster mom - she's even become the little assistant baker!

She posed for a pretty picture on her first Christmas!

She loves to ride around in pockets too!

At three months old, Winifred weighed-in at 1 pound 15 ounces - up from her original 1.3 ounces. she may still be half the size of a normal kitten, but she is healthy, happy and absolutely adorable just the way she is!

This beautiful kitten when from a wee little creature not bigger than a thumb, to this stunning little lady with captivating eyes and the cutest little tongue blep we ever did see!

Isn't it amazing what a lot of love and care can do for an animal in need? Like and share if you would adopt her in a heartbeat!