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Tiny Town Has Become A Big Tourist Destination For One Cool Reason

Have you heard of Iceberg Alley? A small town near the most eastern tip of Canada has earned the name, and if you ask the hundreds of people who have visited in recent weeks, they'll tell you it's a name well-deserved.

Ferryland, Newfoundland is a very tiny village on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. Every spring ice breaks away in huge chunks, floating down past Ferryland and the hundreds of tourists who flock to the town to get a glimpse of a real iceberg.

While the event commonly draws tourists, this year Ferryland was treated to a gigantic berg and the bigger berg has been a much bigger draw for tourists.

Strange Sounds

Adrian Kavanagh, mayor of Ferryland, said that the giant burg seems to have grounded itself, and could stick around for a long while.

"It's a huge iceberg and it's so close that people can get a good photograph of it," he told CTVNews.

He says he's been shocked at the number of onlookers since pictures on the internet starting going viral. Traffic on the few streets of Ferryland was bumper to bumper for the first time in memory.

According to experts, over 600 ice bergs have floated past the coast this year, a higher than usual number. They say peculiarly strong counter clockwise winds might be the reason, and say global warming has caused more ice from Greenland's ice shelf to be shed.

Strange Sounds

No matter the reason, the bergs sure make for a unique photo.

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