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Here's Some Tips For Making Le Best French Toast

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Martha Stewart

Step 3: Going Off The Griddle

There are many ways to fry your French toast, and no shortage of theories on how long you should cook it for.

Some people recommend using a griddle or skillet to get those tasty looking grill marks, or try using out that cast iron pan to add a sumptuous dash of flavor! But even if you're using a regular frying pan, the most important thing is to watch it as it toasts!

Because everyone's oven is different and we all like our french toast in our own unique ways, it is really down to you! Personally, I like it golden brown while still being really soggy!

Add your fixings of syrup, butter, whipped cream, or bacon and enjoy your perfect French toast!

Step 4: But I Am Le Fancy?

Try out this Peaches, Cream Cheese, and Honey recipe by Drizzle & Dip!

Share these tips with your friends and have a French toast party!

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