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To Serenade and Serve: Police Officer Sings For An Elderly Woman During a Housecall

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After an elderly blind woman made a call to the Police Department when her microwave wouldn't stop beeping, she and the officer had an unexpected heartwarming moment.

Officer Kristian Johnson of the Utah Logan City Police Department was called in to help Shirley Hardman when her microwave wouldn't stop beeping after she warmed a muffin.

Hardman recently experienced a kitchen fire, and because she is blind, she didn't want to risk another accident in the kitchen. She was home alone at the time and didn't know who else to call.


After calling the operator for help, they connected her to the LCPD.

“It’s not uncommon to get a call — well, it’s the first microwave I’ve ever fixed — but it’s not uncommon for the elderly to need some help; there is just no one to help them and they don’t know who else to call,” Johnson said. “And if they call us, we go — that’s just what we do.”

After clearing the microwave's error code, Johnson asked Hardman if there anything else left that he can do for her.

The body cam officer Johnson was wearing at the time of the visit reveals an odd request from the elderly lady. Continue to the next page to see what she asked of him.

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