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Toddler's Adorable Pre-Flight Ritual Leaves Passengers Smiling

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ABC News

Flying can be a stressful experience for some people. While nervous passengers recall stories about people being mistreated by airline staff, bumped from flights or having issues getting their luggage at their destination, I think we can all agree that air travelers could use a smile.

While boarding a plane isn't the most exciting part of your trip, this 2-year-old found a way to make it a lot more entertaining.

Alya Jakubowicz posted a video of her son performing his "signature move" as they boarded a Southwest flight from Kansas City to Chicago.

Her son has a ritual and he does it every time he boards a flight according to his mom.

“It’s his signature move. He’s a little politician,” Alya told ABC News. “He’s very funny, not shy at all. He doesn’t leave anyone out.

He first learned the gesture during a flight delay when he was 18 months old.

“We were waiting on the tarmac and he was getting antsy so I let him run around the aisle a little bit and these guys behind us taught him how to fist bump,” she said.

So when he started boarding this Southwest flight, his mom got the video camera rolling.

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