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Your Opinion On The Age-Old Toilet Paper Debate Says A Lot About Your Personality

It's one of the biggest and most frustrating debates that you will ever have with a person you live with. It's one of those things that builds up over time, until suddenly you explode because you can't take it anymore. What exactly are we talking about? Toilet paper of course!

It's not the type that you use that matters, it's the direction that you hang the roll. We all have our preferences. Whether you want the paper to go over the roll, or under it, it's a big difference and a lot of people have some very strong opinions about which way is right.

Well, we aren't here to tell you what's right or wrong, but we are going to tell you what your preference says about you.

Roll Under

You are often persecuted for your thoughts but don't care. You stand up for yourself by just letting your attacker exhaust themselves because you are too laid-back to care. You are calm under pressure and have more patience than anyone else.

You like when things that are simple and easy, and don't want to cause a big fuss about small issues. You are happy to follow along with what other people are doing, but that doesn't mean you are a pushover, you would just rather avoid conflict when necessary. You are unique and aren't afraid to go your own way.

However, when things go too far and you do snap, you tend to have a hard time expressing your emotions. You keep them bottled up for so long that they just burst out all at once without any organization. It may get a little messy, but your ability to be patient with the person you are arguing with tends to help you win.

But what about the people who like the roll to be over?

Roll Over

You are confident in your choices and aren't afraid to fight for what you believe. You are opinionated and brutally honest. You are persistent, strong, and won't back down from a conflict.

You tend to be stubborn and dominant in your relationship, and are a little bit more particular about decisions, but it's because you know what you want. You thrive in leadership positions and are excellent at gaining respect.

You always know what the coolest thing is, and are often at the forefront of the next big trend. You have the power of the majority on your side and that helps build up that self-assured attitude you demonstrate.

Bonus: No Holder

Of course there are those who refuse to follow any kind of pattern and just never put the toilet paper back on the holder. You are a rebellious and unpredictable person who is often willing to do something ridiculous to make others laugh.

You are not great at taking advice but tend to give a lot to others. You are social and enthusiastic about meeting new people, but you aren't afraid to break social conventions so some people may be put off by that.

Do you pick which way the toilet paper goes in your house?