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Tom Hanks Helps Couple Get Their Fairy Tale Ending

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The star of many feel-good films has long been a favorite of move-goers for his heartfelt performances and his history of just generally being a great guy. Hollywood's "Mr. Nice Guy" really lived up to his reputation the other night when he helped one of his fans propose to his girlfriend at a book talk he was hosting in Austin.

The actor has melted hearts before with his good deeds, selflessly taking the time to meet with his fans that show their appreciation for his work. Hanks once met with one of his biggest fans, Sarah Moretti, who has autism and had been puting together a scrapbook of his films and news-cuttings for years.

He took the time to meet with her and was genuinely enthusiastic about seeing her book!

In Austin, the A-list actor decided to go one step further and coordinate a surprise for the 'superfan' couple. And he did it all with his classic Hanks humor!

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