20 Tom Hardy Photos Leaving You So Thirsty You'll Get Dehydrated


Just because Tom Hardy's MySpace page was a whole lot of cringe, that doesn't mean the rest of his life was.

Some time after this:

And this:


Tom Hardy changed into a perfect specimen of a man, and we could not be more excited about that.

Here are some pictures of Tom Hardy now, to remind you that we can all improve on our younger selves.

20. He can rock a bow tie.

Ace Showbiz

19. And also look good without a beard.

Ace Showbiz

18. What is bothering you, sweet prince?

Associated Press

17. He can do a great Robert DeNiro impression.

Greg Williams/Esquire

16. But that doesn't mean he loves answering questions.

Associated Press

15. You know what he does love? DOGS.

Associated Press

14. Once again, confused.

Greg Williams/Esquire

13. Not many people can pull off a loin-cloth, but he can.


12. I've got nothing to say about this. Just look at him.


11. REMINDER: He loves dogs.


10. And he can rock a bomber jacket.

Greg Williams/Esquire

9. Look. At. This. Smile.

Greg Williams/Esquire

8. Young Tom in "Band of Brothers" is blessed.


7. And his glow-up to "Mad Max" is inspirational.

Warner Bros

6. He gives the "We both know I'm the best-looking person here" look quite well.


5. Here he is with ANOTHER puppy.

Bash Boom Pow

4. And on a Ducati, because why not?


3. They are both young puppies in this shot.


2. How can he make even drinking soda look so good?

Greg Williams/Esquire

1. And finally, when he was ripped to play an MMA fighter.


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