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Tom Petty's Daughter Shares a Heartbreaking Tribute

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The late, great Tom Petty left behind two daughters, Adria Petty and Annakim Violette Petty, when he passed away at the age of 66-years-old. Both girls followed in their father's footsteps and pursued the arts, with Adria becoming a successful music video and documentary director, while 35-year-old Annakim became an artist. Through Annakim's work, she makes it clear that she doesn't follow the crowd.

“Unapologetically, I love costumes,” she says. “But I hate the fashion industry. I don’t have a standard. My low is my high, basically.”

Annakim's moter, Jane Benyo was Petty's first wife and the couple were married from 1974-1996.

Petty and Benyo met at the age of 17, which was the basis for the Stevie Nicks hit song "Edge of Seventeen".

The "Free Falling" singer later married Dana York Epperson in 2001.

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Annakim traveled a lot growing up, so that contributes to her feelings that she is not part of any one world.

“You can take people that are in different places in the world, have never met, and have a collective that could be so similar that it’s terrifying, yet their experiences are completely distinct from the people around them,” she told StyleLikeU.

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She relates music and her work in fashion, and tries to draw one into the other.

“Music is like liquid, and I feel like clothing should be more like music. It’s like a song that you love. It shouldn’t be about something that’s trying to fit in or out of the world. It should be something that’s bringing people closer to the world,” she said in 2011. “It’s one of those things where it makes me not take life so seriously. I feel like clothing should be the opposite of anxiety.”

Annakim has turned to her Instagram page to tribute her late father, posting personal photos and other milestones from his career.

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