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Tony Robbins Does This 10 Minute Ritual Every Day - You Should Too

Whether or not you like to read self-help books, you've probably heard of Tony Robbins. For decades his seminars and best-selling books have taught people to overcome their fear, their doubt, and other everyday problems that stand in the way of our success. While he became famous in the '90s for his informercials like Personal Power, he's still traveling the world sharing wisdom today, and also connecting to audiences through the internet.

But how is this self-made success guru so successful? They say that "those who can't do, teach," but Robbins is one of the world's most sought-after teachers and a success in his own right.

Robbins says that his accomplishments start by re-framing his attitude, and he revealed his daily ritual to do just that.

In just 10 minutes, Robbins says that this simple routine can give you the perspective and motivation you need to be successful. It's all about focusing on you, so feel free to do some stretching, focused breathing or meditating while you follow the steps.

Tony starts this morning ritual by spending 3 minutes focusing on 3 small things he's grateful for. He says that "the two emotions that mess us up most are fear and anger," and cultivating gratitude every day is the best way to keep those feelings at bay.

Next, he spends another 3 minutes visualizing 3 goals he wants to accomplish. Set aside your daily routine for now - you can return to that after -  and focus on something a few months from now. Try to pick a goal that would make your life better, and plan how you'll accomplish it.

The rest of the 10 minutes are yours, and you can spend them any way you like. Focus on the good things in your life (your family, your career, your dreams) and how you're going to make them even better in the future.

And don't be afraid if you take more than 10 minutes! Tony says this is one of the most valuable parts of your day, because you're building the "highway to happiness" that will lead you to success.

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