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You May Be Too Old To Wear A Swimsuit, According To New Study

For some reason, there are a lot of things that society tells women not to do as they age, and these restrictions keep getting more ridiculous as time goes on.

Earlier this year, the results of a 2,000-person survey by CollectPlus indicated that there's a cut-off age for wearing denim.

Turns out those who are 53 and older should give up wearing jeans. It's not because they don't look good in them, but it becomes harder to find a pair that fits well at that age.

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On average, the study found that it takes up to four days for men and eight for women to find their ideal pair. One in 10 people try on at least six pairs of jeans before making the purchase. Six per cent of those surveyed confessed that they have cried during their search for the right pair.

The public weren't the only ones surprised by this finding. The study's marketing director, Catherine Woolfe, was also taken aback.

"It's surprising to see our research reveals that many people think jeans are the reserve of the younger generation, suggesting that we should all put denim back on the shelf at the age of 53," said Woolfe.

She added, "Denim is such a universal material, and with so many different styles available, it's a timeless look that people of all ages can pull off. This is highlighted by the fact that 55-year-old George Clooney came third in our list of most inspirational male celebrity denim-wearers."

Now, mere months after the controversial survey's results were released, another unscientific report about the age at which people should stop wearing bikinis, and swimsuits in general, has been published.


Once again 2,000 women, between the ages of 18 and 65, participated in the questionnaire by U.K.-based weight loss program Diet Chef.

When we stop wearing bikinis?

The magic number is 47.

According to the results, most women admitted that they felt uncomfortable donning a bikini as they got closer to 50, and they judge other older women who chose to wear a revealing two-piece bathing suit after a certain age.

The survey also revealed that bikinis aren't the only clothing items women stop picking off the rack after a certain age.

Miniskirts are a no-no after 35, stilettos are frowned upon after 51, and swimsuits in general after the age of 61.

Bikini Concepts

So what are women over 60 supposed to wear at the beach? I'd really like some answers.

Interestingly enough, half the women surveyed agreed that there is an exception to this rule. They felt that women who look great after 47 are allowed to rock a bikini on the beach or pool.

TV host and actress Kelly Ripa's recent bikini body-shaming is an example of this divide in opinions.

A few photos from the 47-year-old's beach vacation were posted by her husband, Mark Consuelos, on Instagram. He described Ripa as a "sexy one," and many of his followers agreed.

Sultry Sundays with the sexy one are my fave...

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However, there were others who couldn't resist calling Ripa out for wearing a string bikini at her age, despite having a toned body.

"Kelly's gorgeous, but isn't there a cutoff age where age appropriateness comes into play?" wrote one user. "Just because you can rock a bikini, doesn't mean you should. When you have teenagers whose friends can ogle pictures, then it's creepy."

Sadly, what the results of the survey and the comments under Ripa's photo tell us is that the bikini age limit is less about appearing age-appropriate and more about meeting the beauty standards.

For most of our lives, it's been ingrained in us that only a certain kind of body looks good in a bikini, therefore the moment our aging bodies start to look different from the ideal, we are shamed into covering them up.

We should be free to wear what we want without judgement, so it's really sad when you realize that so many women's choices, especially when it comes to their bodies, are dictated by what others think of them.

What else will society judge older women for doing?

Getting a tattoo

According to the Retire Savvy popular opinion poll, after the age of 38 women should no longer get tattoos. If you were thinking of getting a new ink to mark a milestone or just for fun, some people will look at you funny.

Long hair

There's also an age cap for long hair, according to the Retire Savvy poll. You're too old for long hair if you're 46 or older. Survey participants agree that women around this age should opt for shorter "age-appropriate" styles.

Attend music festivals

Customer Faithful

Oh, and if you're a music fan who likes to attend festivals, you better think twice before you go to the next one if you're 45 or older. Sure, there's an increased chance of overheating when you're older, but come on, we all know those who took this survey didn't have that in mind when they picked their answers.

Going out dancing

Suddenly Solo

Clubbing after 44? Not allowed. I get that most people in their 40s aren't lining up to get into a club with 20-year-olds, but if they wanted they should be able to do so without judgement.



Want to share a selfie of your best angle with your social media friends? Forget it if you're 34 and up.



Before you give up your bikini, your leggings should be the first to go. After the age of 43, you'll have to find another type of bottoms to wear with your tunics or keep you warm under your dresses.

On the bright side, you won't have to give up jeans for another decade after you quit wearing leggings.

How many of these things do you regularly wear? Let us know in the comments!

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