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You May Be Too Old To Wear Jeans, Says New Study

How old is too old to wear jeans? I know, it's a ridiculous question because you never really ever grow out of wearing jeans.

The denim pants are versatile and a staple in wardrobes of people of all ages and sizes all across the world. There are so many different styles, shapes, and colors, which means everyone is bound to find at least a pair that they love.

However, there's a new study by CollectPlus that's telling us there comes a time when we should give up wearing jeans, and they have a logical reason why.

According to the survey results, the reason why there's a cut-off age is not because people start looking bad in denim after a certain age, it's because it's harder to find a pair that actually fits.

So what's the magic number?

After surveying 2,000 participants, the British study concluded that those who are 53 and older should give up wearing jeans.

The results even took the company behind the study's marketing director, Catherine Woolfe by surprise.

"It's surprising to see our research reveals that many people think jeans are the reserve of the younger generation, suggesting that we should all put denim back on the shelf at the age of 53," said Woolfe. She added, "Denim is such a universal material, and with so many different styles available, it's a timeless look that people of all ages can pull off. This is highlighted by the fact that 55-year-old George Clooney came third in our list of most inspirational male celebrity denim-wearers."

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Turns out, the majority of the people who took part in the study admitted that finding the perfect pair of jeans (fit, material, style) can prove very difficult. On average, it is found that it takes up to four days for men and eight for women to find their ideal pair. One in 10 people try on at least six pairs of jeans before making the purchase.

Six per cent of those surveyed confessed that they have ended up in tears during their search for the right pair.

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Despite all the effort, approximately a quarter of the participants have yet to find their denim soulmate, and 29 percent have completely given up their search.

"It's disheartening to see how hugely overwhelming and seriously stressful finding a pair of jeans to fit can be," celebrity stylist Alex Longmore told Yahoo! Style.

On the bright side, CollectPlus discovered that those who have found their ideal pair of jeans tend to, on average, keep the pants for up to five years, and a number of them (5 percent) don't shop for another pair for up to 10 years.

The study also published a list of the most stylish celebrities in denim, and it includes George Clooney, David and Victoria Beckham, supermodel Kate Moss, and The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

As Yahoo! pointed out, with the exception of Clooney, all the celebrities on the list are under the age of 53, which begs the question: Why do so many people think jeans aren't attractive on older people? Perhaps this is the reason why some denim styles are referred to as mom and dad jeans.

Is there such a thing as too old for jeans? Sound off in the comments!

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