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10 Of The Best Hair Trends You Have To Try This Year

To some hair might not seem like a huge deal, but to others it can completely change how they feel about themselves. Playing with the color of your hair is one of the biggest beauty risks you can take that can either go really well or really poorly. Haven't we all accidentally turned our hair some bizarre shade that we didn't mean?

Keeping up with the latest trends in fashion and beauty can be a bit tricky because they are always changing. Luckily, some clever experts made some handy predictions so you can plan your year accordingly. Check out the top 10 trending hair colors that will be huge in 2017 and see if there are any you want to try!

1. Galaxy Hair

People are turning their hair into amazingly vibrant and colorful galaxies with blues and purples to make their hair look like a cool nebula from space. Have you ever seen anything like it?

2. Platinum Blonde

Some variation of platinum blonde seems to come in and out of style every year. Last year everyone was going for an ashy grey style where this year it's going back to the original platinum blonde.

3. Green

Definitely a pretty out there style, but if you want to give it a go you should! It's always fun to try out new colors and see what works for you. Apparently the official Pantone color of 2017 is "greenery" so why not give it a try!

4. Chocolate-Mauve

This color is perfect for those who want to add a subtle touch of color to their hair instead of one of the bright bold colors. The purple highlights are blended in with a rich chocolate color to add dimension to your hair.

5. Caramel

Caramel hair is one of those classics that never goes out of style. It looks good on so many different people it's no wonder that it is going to be popular this year!

6. Magenta

It seems like the trends this year are a lot of really bright colors! Actress Ruby Rose tried out this magenta color and a lot of people are wanting to copy it.

7. Rose Gold

Rose gold hair has been holding on strong since 2016 and for good reason! Similar to the chocolate-mauve hair, it can be done in a way that is so subtle that people won't really notice it right off the bat. You can go more dramatic with it, but sometimes having just the tiniest hint of color is all it takes.

8. Burgundy

Burgundy hair is kind of like the chocolate-mauve but darker and maybe just a touch more vibrant. This is perfect for people with naturally dark hair who don't want to get into the whole bleaching process. You just add the burgundy color and then when the light hits it everyone will see the fun new color of your hair.

9. Cotton Candy

Another bold look for 2017, this time you will end up looking kind of like an adorable little unicorn or mermaid. A bunch of sweet looking pastels are mixed together to create this adorable hue. A lot of people do the cotton candy as kind of a peak-a-boo highlight section under their hair so it's like a little secret that is only revealed when they want it to. Such a fun idea!

10. Tiger Eye

Tiger eye hair is great because it is such a multidimensional color. It is based off of the tiger-eye semi-precious stone so it mimics all the reds, golds, and browns while sneaking in some copper highlights. It makes for a gorgeous and unique color that is perfect for anyone.

Would you want to try out any of these styles? Share with your favorite in the comments!

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