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Top 5 Wedding Trends To Expect In 2019

Year after year, weddings seem to get more creative, innovative, and increasingly catered to the couple's personal tastes. No one wants a cookie-cutter wedding anymore, and no one wants to be behind on the biggest trends. With such major events like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding now behind us, planners and to-be-newlyweds have a lot to think about going into the new year. Whether you're in the midst of planning your own magical day or will be the one attending a wedding every other summer Saturday, expect to see these trends in 2019.

Unique Photo Booths

Wedding photo booths have been popular for a few years now, and they will be continuing into 2019. The big difference is that the photo booths of next year are expected to integrate technology and creativity for a unique media experience. Expect to see photo booths that make boomerang GIFs (ala Instagram), green screen props, animated overlays, glamour filters, and projection videos.


Perhaps the most direct influence of the recent royal wedding will be brides becoming the princesses of their childhood dreams. According to Meghan Brumbley, owner and lead planner at DC Engaged, tiaras are in the spotlight for veil accessories as brides transform in the perfect princess bride. If you're among the 75% of brides who receive an engagement ring made of gold and diamonds, a glitzy tiara is the perfect ceremonial accessory to keep the glamour going.

Smaller Plates

As couples look for ways to customize their weddings to fit their personal preferences, many will be focusing on the menu. Next year will see brides and grooms requesting small plates and added courses. This strategy can give guests the opportunity to enjoy more options without filling up too quickly.

Phone-Free Ceremonies

The next year will see more couples encouraging their guests to put away phone for the duration of the ceremony, or even turn them into a designated phone-keeper. This trend has popped up before, but with the ease that guests seem to accept the rule, more couples will start trying it. As people share 730 billion photos every year on Facebook and 22 billion per year on Instagram, the confiscated phones will likely appear again during the reception for the necessary posting.

Mix and Match Groomsmen Attire

Bridesmaids have been wearing mix and match dresses for years, so why can't the groomsmen do it as well? According to Megan Velez of Destination Weddings Travel Group, next year will see grooms and groomsmen having more fun with menswear. Expect to see pops of color, tailored fits, and fun patterns on the guys. Considering that 35% of weddings are outdoor occasions, you can likely expect some of these pops of color to play on the natural setting.

The joy of weddings is being able to see how a couple chooses to express themselves and their special relationship on their big day. The trends of next year are expected to add to this expression of love and personal style, bring everyone closer together.

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