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Experts Already Say These Will Be The Top Baby Names Of 2028

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New parents spend a lot of time fretting over the perfect name for their new baby.

If digging into the family tree for inspiration doesn't work, there are TV show characters and celebrities to offer unique ideas.

But what if you could pick a name that was ahead of its time? As in, about a decade before it became one of the country's most popular names.

Baby names 2028
This year's most popular names could be old news by 2028.Max Pixel

Nameberry, the website that tracks baby name trends and statistics, just turned 10, and celebrated by predicting America's favorite baby names for 2028.

The list is not exactly scientific, but it is based on data from the site and the Social Security Administration's baby name lists.

One note is that only names used every year for the last decade were featured in the predictions, so there's a chance a few vintage curveballs like Jedediah could make a comeback.

And, of course, hit TV shows can cause a surge for names like Rachel or Daenerys, and there's no predicting which will get a boost.

Arya baby names
Characters from 'Game of Thrones,' like Arya, are predicted to have a lasting effect on baby names.HBO

Take a look at Nameberry's predictions for 2028 and see what you think. Nameberry's most popular names (so far) of 2018 are included (in parentheses).

  1. Charlotte and Liam (2018: Olivia and Atticus)
  2. Amelia and Mateo (Amara and Milo)
  3. Harper and Maverick (Cora and Jasper)
  4. Emma and Noah (Isla and Jack)
  5. Olivia and Lincoln (Charlotte and Asher)
  6. Evelyn and Lucas (Aurora and Silas)
  7. Mia and Henry (Amelia and Theodore)
  8. Aria and Theodore (Rose and Wyatt)
  9. Ava and Jaxon (Ava and Henry)
  10. Sofia and Oliver (Genevieve and Declan)

Along with these names, which are already climbing the charts, some common names from 2018 will probably be long forgotten in a decade.

Brendan Fraser
Actor Brendan Fraser is back in the spotlight, but his name is about to lose popularity.IMDB

For girls, the "Caitlin" group, which includes variations like Kaitlin and Caitlyn, will probably lose popularity over the next few years.

The same goes for a variety of B names for boys, like Braden, Bradon, Brenden, and Branden.

And take note Jadons, Jaidens, and Jaydons, your days at the top of the list are probably numbered too.

Was your name on the list? What do you think of Nameberry's guesses for 2028?

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