Tough Questions for Each Zodiac Sign

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Tough Questions for Each Zodiac Sign

Each sign of the zodiac has distinct positive and negative traits that they are well known for. We love to identify with our positive traits, but it's damn hard to look at our negative ones.

As a Scorpio, I've never been shy to ask myself the tough questions that others like to avoid. Scorpios tend to be like that - introspective, self-aware and intense. We love deep conversations with others and with ourselves.

Ruled by Pluto, the great revealer, planet of transformation, it's in our nature to uncover those hidden truths and buried secrets about ourselves... and sometimes other people.

If our last article "Biggest misconceptions of each zodiac sign" stirred your emotions, this is the type of article that you may have trouble reading, but can also reveal so much.

Why? Because these types of questions force us to take a good look at ourselves in a light that may not be too flattering for us. They can make us feel uncomfortable and we'd rather stay in our safe place.

Basically, asking yourself these tough questions will force you to go to a place deep down that you may not want to go... but is necessary if you want to grow.

The biggest question is: are you willing to answer these questions for yourself?

Here are some tough questions that each zodiac sign needs to ask themselves. These will not be easy to answer but they can help you identify weak spots in your own character... if you are willing to answer them.

"Good questions inform, great questions transform." - Ken Coleman


  • Why do you take things so personally?
  • Why do you put on a tough act on the outside when you are hurting inside?
  • Can you not see that your pride is hurting you?
  • Why must you take out your anger on others?
  • Why do you get bored so easily?
  • Why is the approval and appreciation of others so important to you?


  • Why are you more open in your friendships than you are in your relationship?
  • Does being better than others make you feel better about yourself?
  • Why do you waste today, thinking so much about tomorrow?
  • Why do you always think that the grass is greener somewhere else?
  • Do you realize that you look at things, not as they are, but as you want them to be?


  • Why do you act like everything is OK when it's not?
  • Despite all your success, why are you so critical of yourself?
  • Why does being reckless and dangerous appeal to you so much?
  • Why must you say such mean things to those you supposedly care about?
  • Why is it so hard for you to apologize or accept an apology?


  • Why do you always question how much you mean to others?
  • Why does the unfamiliar make you so uncomfortable?
  • When will you realize that material possessions alone won't make you happy?
  • Why must you always do things your way?
  • Why are you so easily wounded by those who don't matter?


  • Why must you be so critical of others and of yourself?
  • When will you realize that it's OK to NOT be perfect?
  • What will it take for you to ask for help instead of just telling people you're OK?
  • Why do you exhaust yourself so much with overthinking and analyzing?
  • Why do you have so much trouble staying positive?


  • Why must you over-analyze and complicate things?
  • Are you actually being practical and realistic or just being a buzz-kill?
  • How can you accomplish so much but still feel like you're not enough?
  • Why is it so hard for you to express your true emotions?
  • Why must you always be in control?
  • Why are you always in a battle... with yourself?


  • Why must you force your views and opinions on others?
  • How do you always manage to get yourself into strange/tough situations?
  • Why is it so difficult for you to accept the love that people give you?
  • Why are you so good to those who don't deserve it, yet so cold and detached to those who do?
  • Do you not see that your ego is getting in the way of your happiness?
  • Will you ever stop questioning if the people you care for most, feel the same way about you?


  • Why are you so nice to people who don't treat you the same?
  • When will you realize that you can't make everyone happy?
  • Why do you hide your true feelings just to avoid confrontation?
  • Why must you know everything before making a decision?
  • Why do you give away your power just for the approval of others?


  • Will you ever face your problems instead of running from them?
  • When will you realize that some people might actually love you despite your flaws?
  • Do you realize how much hurt you cause, when you leave them once you are done with them?
  • Must you always hide behind humor and false confidence?
  • Why do you have so much trouble finishing what you started?
  • How long can you keep up your act before the mask falls off?


  • Why can't you just let that sh*t go and move on?
  • Why do you keep so many secrets?
  • Why is it so important that you destroy those who wronged you?
  • Why is it so hard for you to see your true worth?
  • Are you so desperate for love that you will ignore all the red flags?
  • Why do you use humor to hide your pain?


  • Why can't you admit to yourself... that it's over?
  • Why do you feel so inadequate when you have so much to offer?
  • When will you finally move on and walk away from something that is not good for you?
  • Why do you have to act like everything is OK when it's not?
  • Why are you so hard on yourself?
  • Why must you take on other people's problems as your own?


  • Why must you fool people into thinking you are something that you are not?
  • Do you not realize when you are being taken advantage of?
  • Why do you question yourself when you know your instincts are always on point?
  • Why are you drawn to people and things that are unhealthy for you?
  • Why must you get so caught up in the affairs of others?