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Tourists Captured The Scary Moment Crocodile Latched Onto An Elephant's Trunk From Underwater

Elephants are generally peaceful creatures, unless provoked. That's what a crocodile at the Liwonde National Park in Malawi found out.

While a group of elephants drank at a watering hole, they didn't expect the danger lurking nearby. A crocodile swam unnoticed under the water and clamped its sharp jaws around a young bull elephant's trunk.

"I did not realize the severity of the situation until I had finished recording. Absolutely insane. This happened just few meters from the boat," said the biomedical scientist who captured the footage.

As soon as the crocodile attacked, the elephant pulled on its trunk, suspending the crocodile in the air for a few minutes as he tried to dislodge its trunk. While the rest of the herd retreated at first, another elephant came forward and began stomping on the reptile to knock it back into the swamp.

This isn't the first time crocodiles have attacked elephants by biting their trunks. The cloudy water and slender trunk make it the perfect attack point for the deadly reptile.


Watch the full video below and let us know what you think:

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