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Town Rallies To Save Old Blind Dog After They Find Him Clinging To Life

No one knows exactly how Boston the elderly dog escaped from his caretakers' property, but it's definitely a miracle strangers spotted him when they did.

Little Boston had managed to wander away from his temporary home and fall off a dock into a Miami Gardens lake. As the blind dog struggled to stay afloat, some good Samaritans spotted him in the water.

A man with a row boat paddled out to the exhausted pooch and brought him back to shore. Waiting for the pup was Miami-Dade Fire Rescue crews who quickly gave him oxygen while they brought him to a station in Miami Lakes.

Boston's tag reunited him with his worried family, who had been searching for him the whole time. It wasn't until they saw him on the local news that they realized what kind of trouble he had gotten himself into.

Watch his rescue below!

[h/t  FamilyPet]

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